What happens after 30 days?

So what happens after the first 30 daysAre you cut looseall alone in the wilderness? No, of course not! Guiding Outreach maintainsoft contact approach with all our clients; with monthly updates on your website, keeping you informed of any upcoming updates, and sending you helpful articles to keep you up to date in digital trends.
And with our standard plan, you’ll have monthly scheduled check-ins with your account manager.


What happens if we are done with G.O.?

As sad as this option iswe do have a process for this scenario. If you want to cancel with Guiding Outreachfill out the “CancelationForm,"  sign it and submit your DomainTransfer Fee" to initiate the domain name transfer. Once that is complete we will transfer the domain name and we can go our separate ways. Alsoremember that you will retain your domain name but cannot take your website with you.

Does Guiding Outreach accept checks?

The simple answer is Yes. The longer answer is we only accept checks for Annual payment plans, not monthly. If you need help setting up an autopay system we are more than happy to help you.