Learn our step-by-step approach to Building a Successful Outreach Campaign for your faith community with our webinar.

Don't know what a "campaign" is?

It is that push you create every time VBS rolls around, or a stewardship / fundraising event or to announce a new member of your team, or this week's announcements. These are what we in the biz call campaigns, packing bits of info that needs to be communicated and spreading a wide net to reach as many people as many times with the same amount of consistant information.

In this webinar you will learn:

• How to get organized during the Pre Launch phase
• How to plan a campaign 
• Define a decision maker
• Assembling all of your assets
• Scheduling for the biggest impact
• Launching Your Campaign
• Monitoring your Campaign
• Reviewing your Campaign

Two ways to gain access:

Purchase a plan (before January 1st, 2019) and receive this free!  It is time to get you on your new path to ministry greatness.

Pre-Order the webinar and receive access before it is available to the public.