We build websites
for faith communities.

Then we guide you through the process of shaping your website, e-newsletter, and social media platforms into one unified messagebuilding stronger community engagement.

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Connect with your community online without the overwhelm.

It doesn't have to be overwhelming and time consuming to run your organization's
website, social media and email newsletter.


Built for your staff.

We built Guiding Outreach to help your staff (and volunteers!) manage the operations of your church communications more efficiently and with greater impact based upon our combined 40 years experience of working with (and attending) church, faith-based camps and campus ministries.

Impacting your community.

We didn't set out to build just another website company - we have plenty of those out there. We aim to provide guidance, tools, training and a roadmap to effectively connect with your community over the internet.

Here's how it works


Pick a plan

Whether you are a church, campus ministry or camp, we'll guide you throught the process of communicating with your tribe online. Or book a consultation to talk with one of our experts.


Discuss with leadership

We understand the importance of getting leadership on the same page with a united goal. Download our Decision Maker's guide to make an informed decision.


Ongoing guidence

As you change leadership, staff and volunteers your messaging doesn't have to die. We help get the next faithful servants up and running quickly - maintaining your investment.

"Trust me, this truly would be one of the very
best investments in your ministry!"

Pastor Rebecca Boardman, Lutheran Campus Ministry of St. Louis

Reach more people online with our
affordable on-demand video course.


We get it. Running day-to-day church communication is hard, and you have to manage your staff and volunteers with reaching your flock online. That is why we have built this video course just for you.

Church Comm Made Simple is an online video course that will train your team on how to reach your faith community through your website, social media and email without burnout.

Pick a plan that works for your ministry.


Campus Ministry

Plan Details

Connect with your community like never before.

Build the pipeline.

Once you begin working with Guiding Outreach you'll see how easily things will fall into place. Guiding Outreach has a simple step-by-step approach to gathering information needed to create your personalized website and streamline your content.

Build the platform.

We will take your unique logo, colors, and images and put them into your new website, which is optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms.
We can embed your Google Calendar, a Google Map and your Facebook feed within your site.

Connect communication.

With Guiding Outreach, you can easily use MailChimp or Constant Contact to stay in touch with your community. Your new website will have a place for you to post your own blog to share your weekly/monthly reflections, as well as have a donation page so your community can support you.

Train your staff & volunteers.

Guiding Outreach provides one-on-one training and on-demand video tutorials for everything from updating your own website content to taking better photos for your site and social media. You also will have access to our private Facebook group, where you can connect, share and inspire other people just like you.

Get support.

One of the biggest advantages of Guiding Outreach is that it is run by church-going people who are here to help you spread the Gospel. We are available via phone or email whenever you have questions - except maybe on Sunday mornings!

Ongoing maintenance.

Your website is your biggest communication tool and you need it to stay in tip-top shape. Guiding Outreach will continue to check your website, update your plug-ins and troubleshoot any tech issues you may have. Afterward, we'll send you a quick note confirming this and provide tips & tricks to keep your site looking its best.

This is how thriving ministries do it these days.

Religious institutions are at a crossroads these days. They are either thriving or dying. The ones that are thriving all have this in common: clear communication. We are here to help your ministry rise above the noise of today's world.

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"As the communication team leader for LuMin,
it is a pleasure to work with this team."

Alicia Anderson, LuMin & Lutheran at PennState

Did you know?

Of the 118 hours they are awake each week, your members only spend 2.5% of that time in church.

Opportunity Lost

There is so much time that you have available to minister to your viewers, if you can reach them in a helpful and captivating way.

Studies Show

According to a study from Univ. Southern California, the average person spends 20% of their time online.

Outreach Online

By meeting people where they are, you can increase your ministry by 17.5%. That is why we are here to help!

Connect Online

We can help connect your ministry with your community online.

More support than DIY. Less expensive than full service.
It’s the best of both worlds.

Take your ministry to the next level.