Brandon Wade

As cradle Lutheran, Brandon has seen firsthand a decline in church membership but can attest to the value of the church.

While working with LuMin in 2013, he noted the problem and saw a solution. The church is competing for attention in a growing world and they don’t have the assets to be heard. Much more than an hour once a week the church is a community losing its identity and its online presence can help. A tool to be used, the internet is 24/7, meaning you don’t have to wait for visitors to show up Sunday morning, you can minister to the masses any day of the week.

Brandon’s heart for Guiding Outreach is to show you how to not only use but also maintain an effective online presence, to help your ministry grow.

With his 20 years of marketing experience designing and implementing brands for companies, he knows exactly what it'll take to attract visitors to your website and get them engaging with you online. His experiences have shown him how to tackle the challenges you are going to face and the best way to spread your message.

Bethan Dreher
Customer Relations Manager

Guiding Outreach’s project manager has a long history working with non-profits and has spent more than a decade working at a Habitat for Humanity affiliate. Bethany is very passionate about helping people and desires to make a difference.

Bethany knows firsthand how important a church's online presence is.  She and her family have moved to several states and a church website is always the first place she goes before visiting a church in person. The people she and her family have met at those churches have become like family and are now life-long friends.

She knows the importance of building relationships within the church. As an outgoing individual, she knows exactly how to reach your future congregates. Between her passion for helping people and first-hand knowledge of what your visitors will be looking for, she is the perfect person to help you every step of the way.

Kevin Gallagaher
Implementation Manager

Growing up, Kevin had a very black and white understanding of religion based on his experiences. It wasn’t until he got older that he learned of the spectrum of beliefs and practices amongst Christian churches.

Kevin views an online presence as your means to spread your message to the world around you. 

“With so many Christian churches they can all blend, your website as a great way to stand out and define yourself.”

Having a corporate background, he knows what it takes to get a business noticed, and he hopes to bring that knowledge to help you reach the world around you.